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Why ?

Logo ZE Combi

The vision was to enable the new uses of urban logistics generated by the very strong growth of e-commerce. 
ZE Combi is the COMBINATION between a Mobile Container and an Urban Electric Vehicle Container’s Loader. Thereby separating the “Containing” from the “Transporting”, the massification, the multimodality, the mutualization and carbon-free deliveries become possible.

Why ?

ZE Combi Logo Baseline

The Baseline of our logo “I Do & I Understand” comes from the famous Confucius’ proverb:
« I Hear and I Forget, I See and I Remember, I Do and I Understand »

As the founders of ZE Combi “DID” through their respective experiences, they created this innovative solution for last mile logistics.

Container mobile Combi Cub
Utility electric vehicle

We have solved parcels’ handling and load breaking issue thanks to a patented system of retractable wheels set up on the Container. The Container Combi Cub can be loaded into the vehicle effortlessly without any lifting tools.

ZE Combi : Made in France - Occitanie

Key Dates

Cédric Giraud, Claude Morellon and Francis Allouche, the three founders of ZE Combi decided to join forces to develop an innovative solution for last mile logistics :

  1. A Mobile Container equipped with a patented system of retractable wheels,
  2. An Electric Urban Utility Vehicle Containers’ Loader,
  3. Urban Logistics Bases in partnership with car parks.

ZE Combi develops its 1st vehicle prototype with successful initial runnability tests. The container loading and unloading system on the vehicle requires some additional developments which will be included in the development of the 2nd prototype.

The start-up moves into more suitable and spacious premises of 650m², which perfectly match to its development projects.

The development of the 2nd prototype lasted 15 months and allowed to check over several points : Container loading, range, handling and other points related to the vehicle homologation (CEM and electric safety).

The 3rd prototype must pass all approval tests (CEM, engine power, braking system, electric safety, etc.)

The long homologation process (N1 NKS) of the vehicle is completed making way for following stage of the production facility certification.

  1. The retractable wheel system on the Container side.
  2. The anchor system on the Vehicle side.

The production facility was successfully approved.

The demonstration of the complete solution during the International Meeting of Ecological Vehicles : the Utility Electric Vehicle ZE ONE with the Mobile Container COMBI CUB.

ZE Combi will start a test phase and provide several last mile logisticians with its Electric Utility Vehicle ZE ONE and the Mobile Container equipped with a mechanical-autonomous and retractable wheels system.

Our Partners

CARA (European Cluster for Mobility Solutions) has labelled the technological innovation developed by ZE COMBI.

ZE COMBI has been granted of the ADEME “AURATRANS” program financing 50% of a test phase (2 vehicles + 3 containers) in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes.

ZE COMBI is supported since the beginning by :

  • Occitanie Region,
  • AD’OCC the Economic Development Agency,
  • La BPI France-Occitanie (Public Bank),
  • La Banque Populaire – Next Innov,
  • CREALIA Occitanie.
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